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Massage chairs CYBER-RELAX

Model SKS 1650 Model SKS-1800 Model EC-3000

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Massage chairs Fujiiryoki. (Japan)

The Japanese corporation FUJIIRYOKI - the ancestor of the first in the history massage chair, is in the lead in the markets of the world more than 50 years.

The massage chairs of this manufacturer having trademark CYBER-RELAX, successfully keep a solid distance from other products in the market under many technical and consumer characteristics due to constant perfection.

Below are listed only unique characteristics of massage chairs CYBER-RELAX:

  • Three-dimensional scanning of contours of a backbone of the user

  • Recustomizing of the standard base program in view of the data received at scanning with the subsequent realization of a session of rather individual massage.

  • S-shaped track for movement of the massage rollers, as much as possible approached on a design to natural anatomy of a backbone of the person.

  • Physiologically reasonable upholstery of the chair - breathing synthetic material with particles of ceramics. It is own patented development FUJIIRYOKI, KNOW-HOW of them.

  • Unprecedented amount of combinations of massagefrom 509 up to 559

  • Broadest surface air-massage effects. From 24 up to 35 air chambers provide soft, but useful massage, as by a simple compression, and by absolutely unique pulsation mode

  • Air massage of shoulders

  • The arrangement of elements of vibration and heating are reasonable from the medical point of view.

  • The Resource of a massage chair of trademark CYBER-RELAX makes 25 years at daily 8-hour continuous use.

  • Massage chairs CYBER-RELAX are certificated on a class "the Medical equipment" in Japan, the Europe and America

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Advancing on the market the Japanese massage chairs of class PREMIUM, company " SAKURA-san" provides the clients with the support corresponding a level of a product. About the COMPANY