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 , 1. There is fabulous function of compression massage by means of air pillows, hidden underneath the whole surface of the massage hair. It provides toning up influence on muscles, increases a tonus of a skin, improves blood-and the limpho-reference, gives partial anticellulitis effect. During regular application air massage is at least prophylaxis of ageing and as the maximum - rejuvenates.

2. On switching on the pillows, they become filled with air immediately (5 levels of force of influence), then they make 6 beats approached to frequency of heart reductions of the human, and then they make single-step bleeding of the air.

Here is the double benefit.

On one hand muscles sort of think that all these health some processes are made not by the chair but by their own heart-system.

On the other hand heart and vascular system get the temporary time-brake and partial reduction of pressure by means of the air massage.

3. Working capacity of the massage chair is equally high during the whole day. It is absolutely tireless and ready to work without any weekends and holydays during 8 hours per day in 25 years.

4. Absolute health of the massage chair. It can not contaminate you with any infection. Sole shiatsu pads are made from the special antibacterial material which guarantees full protection even if you take a massage in the massage chair with bare feet.

5. The temperature of the massage chair is always suitable to the user because of the special unique polyuriutanum cover including particles of ceramics. This is the KNOW-HOW of the company FUJIIRYOKI who is the manufacturer of the massage chairs under the trade mark CYBER-RELAX. This special material almost instantly assumes and then supports the individual temperature of the user. It makes you feel utterly comfortable. On the contrary the temperature of masseurs palm can be cold and wet. These points can reduce benefit of massage.

     6. Massage chair is equipped with the function VIBRATION. Human -masseur is able to make vibration by the arm. But chair is more effective because the vibrator is installed into the sit and the user in the course of the massage feels the influence not only on muscles and bones but also on intestine and genitourinary system of the pelvis zone.

7. Seat heater by infra-red influence strengthens the massaging effect and together with vibration carry out prophylaxis of a prostatitis. It is not recommended to use heater for females.

8. Massage chair works with the whole surface witch contact with the body by many movements at the same time. The similar effect can be achieved only at synchronous work of 3-4 masseurs.

9. Maximal recommended time of usage of the massage chair is a half an hour per day. During this short period user can get maximal relaxation and health improving effect. A masseur is able to reach the same only in two hours. Massage chair saves time it is very important in modern pace ??? of life.

10. There is no need to use creams and oils for massage chair course. No need to be naked and confused by this.

11. The list of massage chair skills includes several movements which can not be repeated by masseur at all. For example, the function wavelet. Rollers tap, stretch and rotate at the same time. This most complicated influence do makes user happy and satisfied with unbelievable relaxation.

12. User is supposed to adjust rollers strengths by 14 levels!!! 7 levels of standard set and 7 additional levels without removable back pad. It is impossible for the masseur to regulate rising of the strength so exact.

13. The main principal slogan of medical people DO NO HARM has realized in the construction and functions of the massage chair completely. It is not able to hurt or scratch its user. Unfortunately there are many cases when people-masseurs do not follow this rule.

14. Massage chair does not smell at all For lots of us peoples smell could be unpleasant, especially during a strong pressure (like the one that massager fells). It can dramatically destroy the impression of the course.

15. Massage chair is sexless. It excludes the feeling of discomfort between patient and masseur of the different sex.

16. Massage chair does not talk at all. Frequently a talkative masseur spoils effect of own work. Full relaxation is possible only in full silence.

17. Massage chair can not be in a bad mood. Masseur can. It is not good for the patient. Negative emotions are transferring at the close contact.

18. It is easy to organize own schedule so that to be able to take a half an hour of happiness just before coming to bed. Here is the double benefit. On the one hand to take horizontal position just after massage is the best in order to avoid compression on the spine. On the other hand the massage before dreaming makes it deep and calm.

19. Many patients claim that they count unpleasant ugly ecchymosis on their bodies after visits to masseur. Massage chair excludes such a consequence like this.

20. Ladies wish their body looked perfect. They bring certain victims for it. Special anti-cellulitis massage is very morbid and expensive with a masseur. Massage chair makes it much more humanely. Air-compression function together with vibration can surprise them. Certainly this effect is possible after regular and long application. Edemas and cellulitis are decreasing and weight is coming to normal step by step. The explanation is simple. Regular massage in the massage chair causes natural normalization of the metabolic processes in the organism.

21. Surface of the massage chair influence is larger then masseurs. Actually the user in the chair sits or lays on the working surface. So when rollers make for example tapping of the neck zone at the same time the skin of face is shaken getting mild accurate but very effective reflected massage. The same kind of massage extracts skin and muscles of the belly when rollers work with the waist.


1. Experienced and well educated masseur is capable to make preliminary diagnostics in the process of massage course. To evaluate the state of patient's health and recommend visiting some specialist.

2. A masseur can make the massage of the face and whole head, the front surfaces of breast, belly, arms and legs that are untouchable for massage chair.

3. A masseur applies creams, oils and other agents of care of a skin and muscles. They usually strengthen medical effect and improve the skin status.

4. The result of a massage is stronger when there is positive psychological contact between a masseur and a patient (pleasant conversation, sharing problems before and after the course).

5. A masseur can make more effective massage of the local trouble (point) then massage chair.

6. A masseur can be skilful in some techniques which are not available in the massage chair. For example THAI MASSAGE.

7. A masseur can combine manual massage with equipment rooms, vacuum, that considerably strengthening useful effect.

8. Only the masseur is capable to make complete anty-cellulitis and body-building massage.

There are two extra points that seem to be difficult to be placed into any of mentioned above lists. They depend on qualification of a masseur and the priorities of the patient:

1. A masseur himself determines indications to change of intensity, and a kind of massage following the dynamics of patients physical status. With the massage chair user has to choose courses of massage and intensity independently.

2. A masseur can apply some elements of manual therapy, being effective in spine displacement. It fully depends on the level of masseur. Here the slogan DO NO HARM is especially actual

So we have the following rate 21:8 and 2=fifty fifty. Everybody invited to choose what method of massage is really reasonable.
But! Do you really need to choose?

Looks like the optimal solution is the following

  • The massage chair CYBER-RELAX for everyday use.

  • A masseur for the special care under the doctor recommendation.


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