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Massage chairs CYBER-RELAX

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Massage chairs CYBER-RELAX


The massage chair of trade mark CYBER-RELAX from the Japanese manufacturer of medical equipment FUJIIRYOKI is a product of a class LUX. Company " SAKURA-san " pays steadfast attention to a qualitative level of processes of consultation, sale and the subsequent support of advanced products.

1. Primary consultation

Call to us, and we by phone will tell to you about our massage chairs, we will help you to be defined with a choice of model.

Тестирование массажного кресла2. Testing

Come to us to our office or in any of shops where our chairs are established. And skilled managers-sellers will show to you work of an massage chair. You can test on yourselves about what so it is much written on our site.

3. Sale

We work both with the organizations, and with retail buyers. The goods can be paid in any way convenient for you: cash on delivery or non-cash transfer into our bank account. The only thing, that we, unfortunately, cannot offer to you while is a delivery with a delay of payment. You can independently address in the bank chosen by you for reception of the credit, and from our side we will prepare all necessary documentation. ATTENTION to the organizations: for reception of the Account on payment it is enough to you to make the order and to inform the requisites.

4. Delivery

After confirmation of the order, delivery of massage chair will be made in 2-5 days at any time convenient for you, including in the evenings and in the days off. Delivery across Moscow and in the nearest Moscow suburbs (up to 10 km from Ring Road) free-of-charge, outside a 10-kilometer zone is paid by the client at the rate of 10 rub/km there and back.
At sale of massage chair in other city we will help you to pick up the transport company, and if necessary, we will order for you transportation.

5. Assembly and installation

The chair is delivered to you in original packing of the manufacturer, in that kind in what it comes from Japan. Before entering of massage chair in the house or an apartment, we will ask you to be convinced of integrity of packing and to be present at opening container. Further the massage chair is brought in a house or flat, and our expert carries out its installation and technical testing.

6. Training and a choice of a personal rate of massage

Company " SAKURA-san " pays huge attention to quality of training of the clients to competent use of a massage chair. You have bought very clever product. Can be quiet - we will patiently and in detail train you to operate massage chair, we will give the recommendation for selection of the rates, shown to you according to your state of health.
Массажное кресло с голосовым гидомATTENTION the NOVELTY! In the help to you we have developed the unique voice guide, which you can get It is МР3-player with headphones, from which the pleasant female voice gives you the commands how to cope with an massage chair, and in pauses weakening music sounds.
And for fans of reading – we will provide you with traditional volumetric « the Instruction of the user » in Russian in which there are answers to all the questions, concerning managements of massage chair.

7. A feedback

Having purchased from us a massage chair, you remain our desired client. We ask to call to us to receive the advisory help on using massage chair and updating of rates in view of medical indications and dynamics of state of health received by you. In our company the professional physician works. We are always glad to find out the WAY, how there are your relations with our massage chair, with pleasure will place your response on our site (RESPONSES). We ask to write on the address samarina@polis-st.ru 

8. Guarantee service

At purchase at us massage chair CYBER-RELAX, you receive the Guarantee Certificate which entitles to free-of-charge elimination of all malfunctions at observance by the user of the service regulations stated in the maintenance instruction within 36 months (three years) from the date of purchase.
The malfunctions which have arisen on fault of a factory of the manufacturer, are removed free of charge within the first 12 months from the date of purchase. The next 24 months, services of repair shop are given free of charge, and the client pays cost of faulty spare parts according to operating price-list. Before decision of making the purchase, you can familiarize with our GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE (*.pdf, 38KB).

9. Additional services

The life has shown, that at times qualitatively carried out sale of a massage chair entails continuation of relations with our clients absolutely in new "channel". Trusting our style of work, they ask to help them with selection of other kinds of equipment for the houses and apartments. We possess worthy base of suppliers of the following consumer goods:

  • Simulators and other sports goods

  • Devices and the means applied in the industry of beauty

  • Sewing, embroidery and ironing technical equipment, the goods for repair and other

It is interesting to us to solve the non-standard tasks which are beyond our basic business. Besides it is pleasant to receive an occasion for cooperation with « old friends », i.e. with the companies in which before it worked. Everything, than we have, will facilitate a life and will save up time of our clients, in fact, as is known, TIME is MONEY.

Company " SAKURA-san " is opened for offers of our dear clients on perfection and expansion of service.

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